New Innovations for Sustainable Homes

An environmentally friendly home or office building must start with sustainable building materials. The foundation, walls, insulation, and any other aspect of your building can be made from materials that not only look great but also are healthier for your family and the surrounding environment. But how much do you know about the sustainable materials that can be used to insulate your home? How about your windows and cabinets? Have you ever considered living walls? All of these parts of the house can be made sustainable and eco-friendly with little effort and often at the same or close to the same cost as materials that are more conventional, thus helping carbon neutral building.

Sustainable Building with Living Walls

Living walls are another great addition to sustainable homes. These walls are literally gardens that grow up the sides of the building, covering it and providing insulation, air purification, and cooling effects for the building and surrounding areas. The plants breathe the carbon emissions and release oxygen, cleaning the air. This simple act also has a cooling effect, making your home feel cooler with less energy consumption. The plants themselves provide a sort of barrier between your home and the elements, making them a good choice for insulation.

Sustainable DevelopmentEnvironmentally friendly building materials can be used in plumbing too. Using recycled or reclaimed metal and pipes can help cut out your environmental effects. There is also an option for lining your pipes called epoxy pipe lining. This green material can be applied to existing pipe systems to coat the pipes, eliminating the need for replacement and cutting back on clogs and contamination from old pipes. 
These days, with the dropping prices and increased options and efficiency, there is no reason not to use environmentally friendly building materials on your next home. Not only will your family thank you, so will the Earth.

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