Sustainable Homes from Renewable Sources

Sustainable building materials that are not made from recycled sources must be highly renewable. Straw, adobe, hay, bamboo, cork, and clay are all considered sustainable construction materials because of their abilities to renew quickly when harvested, low or no emission rates, and energy conservation qualities. They are all natural materials that can be used in sustainable development to build healthier, more eco-friendly homes. Recycled materials include anything from steel, to granite, to polyurethane. No matter what kind of building you are constructing, sustainable materials will make the job easier on the environment as well as the occupants of the building. Most of these procedures cost the same or less than more traditional ones. In the rare case that they are more expensive, it is usually worth the extra money needed. An experienced professional like Otto's Exterior can offer great options for a more Eco-friendly house.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design often incorporates the proper placement of windows to allow the maximum benefit of the sun to conserve energy. Sustainable windows can be made from recycled or reclaimed glass. Energy Star has ratings for windows to help you find those that help reduce electric costs the most. Make sure your windows fit securely into the frame, eliminating the possibility of lost heat or air conditioning through cracks. Frames can be made of sustainable materials such as recycled or reclaimed wood, making them as eco-friendly as the window itself. When applying sustainable design the lighting in your home should be environmentally friendly. Strategic placement of windows will allow natural sunlight, but you will still need to produce your own at night or on dark days. Solar lighting is a great option for many people. Using new LED lighting technology and bulbs to illuminate your home will cut back drastically on the amount of energy your home uses for light. You may also want to look into other types of alternative energies.

Sustainable Building

Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable buildings are becoming more common all the time. Many people have heard of making homes out of rammed earth, adobe, bamboo, straw, and any number of other materials. But how much do you know about carbon neutral building and the sustainable materials that can be used to insulate your home? How about your windows and cabinets? Have you ever considered living walls? All of these parts of the house can be made sustainable and eco-friendly with little effort and often at the same or close to the same cost as materials that are more conventional. These days, with the dropping prices and increased options and efficiency, there is no reason not to use environmentally friendly building materials on your next home. Not only will your family thank you, so will the Earth.

Sustainable Development

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